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Yellowstriped Armyworms in Wakulla County

Yellowstriped armyworms are currently eating their way through Wakulla County specialty crops. Yellowstriped armyworms, Spodoptera ornithogalli, have made an appearance in Wakulla County, Florida. While common in the eastern United States, and even as far west as the Rocky Mountains, as a pest its occurrence is limited primarily to the southeastern states. The larvae damage …

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Armyworms on the March in Hay Fields

Army worms are actively feeding in large numbers on bermudagrass hay fields in Washington and neighboring counties.  If left unnoticed these foliage feeders will take a forage stand near harvest down to a few small stems in just a matter of days. Therefore producers need to scout heavily fertilized pastures and hay fields at least …

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Fall Armyworms Already Active in Adjacent States

Fall Armyworms have already begun their march in neighboring states Fall Armyworms have been reported in adjacent state’s hayfields.  Several counties in the black-belt of south Alabama, south Georgia, and the coastal bend of Texas have all seen activity in Spring 2012. Reports from east Texas indicate the worms are out in unusually large numbers. As …

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