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Are You Sure You Need That Gypsum? Calcium Induced Deficiencies in Vegetables

Figure 2. This cantaloupe field displayed symptoms initially thought to be disease related. Upon further investigation, however, it was determined that severe magnesium and potassium deficiencies were the problem, and resulted in significant crop loss. Photo by Josh Freeman By Josh Freeman (University of Florida, IFAS Extension, Assistant Professor, Horticultural Science) and Mark Reiter (Associate …

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Pegging Zone Calcium for Peanuts

Take a pegging soil sample, and if you have at least 500 lb/a of soil test calcium AND if your calcium to potassium ratio is 3:1 or better, then you don’t need to apply gypsum.  Photo credit:  John Atkins Glen Harris, UGA Soil Extension Specialist When we switched from growing small-seeded Georgia Green to large-seeded …

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          Calcium is essential for high quality peanuts, and that makes calcium management one of the more critical aspects of peanut production. Soil moisture plays a critical role in absorption of calcium. Calcium is “passively” absorbed by the developing peanut fruit. In other words, the amount absorbed depends on the concentration of water soluble …

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