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Water conservation crucial under current drought conditions in Florida

The Florida Panhandle received much needed rain this week, helping to alleviate dry conditions in many areas of the region. However, drought conditions persist in the rest of Florida. According to the US Drought Monitor drought conditions range from moderate in north central Florida to dire in the south-central portion of the state. Precipitation is …

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NOAA Predicting Drier and Warmer Conditions this Winter

On November 21st, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center issued its seasonal outlook for December through February. Typically, the highlights for winter revolve around the temperature outlook, but this year it appears that persisting and potentially developing drought could be the bigger story.   Without a strong influence from EL Niño or La Niña, the U.S. winter climate …

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Conditions are Prime for White Mold in Peanuts

Peanuts in Santa Rosa County receive a second fungicide application. Peanuts in Santa Rosa County got off to a dry, slow start, with many fields requiring insecticide treatments for thrips. Now that the typical summer rains have set in, peanuts are growing well with a nice canopy, and have for the most part, overcome the …

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Washington County: Crop Conditions Good

Temperatures in the 90′s and high humidity may open-the-door to white mold in peanuts Summer rains are coming on a regular basis and with sufficient quantity. Corn, cotton, soybeans and peanuts are all looking very good, better than they have in the past three years. Pressure from Army Worms is still a problem in fertilized …

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Washington County Conditions Improve, Melon Harvest Underway

Recent rains have improve pasture conditions and forage potential. Rains this week have provided enough moisture for Washington County farmers to resume planting. A byproduct of the recent dry weather is weed control has been difficult for crops in some fields.  Herbicides are not as effective, if at all, when the targeted plant is not …

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Dry Conditions Still Slowing Washington County Production

Soil conditions continue to be very dry and field work has stopped until some rain arrives in sufficient quantities. Spring ryegrass hay is being fed now instead of the winter ahead. Oat harvest has started in some parts of the county. However, the oat harvest peak is a week or two away. Some varieties of …

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