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June Weather Summary and July Forecast

National Weather Service estimates for June 2107 rainfall across the Florida Panhandle June was certainly a much wetter month than May.  Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Gulf Counties received 15″ of rainfall (dark purple) with large areas of more than 20″ (white).  Tropical Storm Cindy brought much of the extra rainfall for the month.  The …

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January & February Weather Summary and Spring Forecast

The National Weather Service rainfall estimates for January and February. The Western counties in the Panhandle received much lower rainfall totals than the eastern counties in January and February 2015.  Portions of Bay, Franklin, Gulf, Wakulla and Jefferson had more than 10″ in the first two months of 2015. FAWN Station Summary Just as the …

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October 13 Weather Summary and Winter Forecast

October 2013 was another dry month like September.  October is normally a low rainfall month in the Florida Panhandle, but this year’s edition was even drier than normal with an average across the 5 stations of only 1.3″.  The FAWN Station at Monticello recorded the lowest rainfall, with only 0.5″.  The high total for October …

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Georgia Ag Forecast Seminar in Bainbridge 1/31/13

Georgia Ag Forecast Agriculture touches our lives deeply, whether you are a producer, an agribusiness, a policymaker or a consumer. From the local farm in Georgia to the globally stocked supermarket, food and fiber make our lives better. And with information on the upcoming growing season, the Ag Forecast Seminars can help make your life …

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Drought Forecast Suggests Early Peanut Planting this Year

Certainly the rain that fell late this winter has helped replenish the ground water and has refilled ponds that have been dry or nearly dry for some time.  For the first time in months, the Florida Panhandle has moved out of the severe drought category on the drought monitor. Although this is very encouring, the …

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Drought Forecast April 5-June 30, 2012

The National Weather Service forecast there are enhanced chances for above-normal precipitation across the interior Southeast through the rest of April, and either no discernible tilt of the odds or a slight favoring of drier than normal weather through the rest of the forecast period. Given the protracted dryness affecting this region, but also considering …

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