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2015 Corn Field Day: Friday July 24th

UF/IFAS West Florida Research and Education Center will hold the 2015 Field Corn Field Day on Friday, July 24th from 10-noon.  This year, topics will include the Corn Variety Trial and Demonstration, Environmentally Smart Nitrogen (ESN) and urea blends, and Fertilizer Application Timing for corn production.  Come see how varieties from Dyna Gro, Monsanto-Dekalb, Croplan, Syngenta, Pioneer, Terral, and Augusta …

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Friday Funny: The Crafty Principal & the Lipstick Mirror

Lipstick on the School Bathroom Mirror A rural middle school in Northwest Florida was recently faced with a unique problem. A new fad arose amongst the 8th grade girls with the use of lipstick.  They began bringing, sharing, and trading with their friends to try out all the new styles and shades.  The gathering point …

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Friday Funny: The New Brahman Bull

Source: American Brahman Breeders Association The New Brahman Bull A rancher had three bulls, an old proven bull, a bull he purchased a few years ago, and a young bull purchased the previous year.  The herd bulls heard a rumor that the rancher was going to bring a new Brahman bull back to the ranch, …

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Friday Funny: Chicken Crossing

One thing is for sure, farm folks always enjoy sharing good jokes, photos and stories.  If you have a good, clean joke, particularly one that pertains to agriculture, or a funny photo that you took on the farm, send it in and we will share it with our readers: Panhandle Ag Jokes This week’s joke …

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