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Imported Fire Ant Considerations for Livestock Operations

When it comes to Agricultural Operations, Imported Fire Ants are more than just a biting pest. (Photo by Dr. Bastiaan “Bart” Drees, Statewide Extension Program Specialist Texas A&M University) Fire ants attack anything that disturbs their mound (nest), including livestock and humans. They firmly grasp skin with their jaws, and then sting and inject venom. …

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Sustainable Vegetable Production Options for Small Operations

The local food movement’s growth has fueled interested in urban farms. For small operations in the extreme west part of panhandle Florida, one production method rising in popularity is raised bed hydroponics. It is simply what the title implies: a raised bed lined with plastic and operated as a hydroponic growing system. The West Florida …

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Tax Information for Timber Operations

NEW TIMBER TAX PUBLICATION The US Forest Service released the 2011 edition of Federal Income Tax on Timber: A Key to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions, a quick-reference guide to timber tax laws impacting woodland owners. Complete with the new tax law updates, this publication provides a timely tax reporting information for the 2011 return …

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