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Now is the Time to Prevent Summer Weeds!

So often, homeowners wait until weeds have overtaken their lawns in mid-summer before looking for a course of action to control them. Unfortunately, when weeds get to maturity and start producing flowers and going to seed, they are usually quite difficult to control. Important! The best strategy is to prevent the weeds from getting established …

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Pasture Soil Fertility Essential to Prevent Broomsedge Infestations

Broomsedge bluestem goes by many common names; broom grass, broom sage, sage brush, etc. No matter the name it is a sign of poor soil fertility. Broomsedge bluestem, or Andropogon virginicus L. is quite conspicuous this time of year. Its tall stems are the most noticeable feature in many fields. While these tall stems blowing in …

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Prevent Tick-borne Illnesses in Florida

This fall remains mild despite a couple of recent frosty mornings. Lone Star Ticks carry Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness. Photo Courtesy of UF/IFAS Communications With mild temperatures comes ticks.  Ticks carry and transmit several diseases. Brown dog ticks are found mainly on dogs and can carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. American dog ticks are also usually …

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Control Wild Hogs to Prevent Crop Damage

Corral trap with rooter gate. Wild hogs are a nuisance to farmers, timberland owners and even subdivision residents.  With recent rains, wild hogs are expanding their ranges and looking for new feeding areas.  The time to control wild hogs on the farm is before the crop is in.  Basically, it is harder to trap the …

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Be on the Lookout for Prevent Pigeon Fever

Livestock owners need to be on the lookout for Pigeon Fever to appear again in livestock this year. Over 60 Florida horses, mainly in Walton and Okaloosa Counties, were infected with this disease in 2012.   Pigeon Fever is an infection caused by the bacteria, Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis that lives in the soil and is spread …

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Recycle Nutrient Solution To Prevent Groundwater Pollution

Guodong (David) Liu, Ph.D. has concluded applied research on recycling the nutrient solution used for greenhouse vegetable production to prevent groundwater pollution.  He determined whether recycling could result in an accumulation or deficiency of elements which would be deleterious to plant growth, product quality, and the dietary value of vegetables. “Complex fertilizer systems have been developed to …

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