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Friday Feature: Preventing Needlestick Injuries to Ranch Hands

More than 80% of workers on livestock farms have accidentally stuck themselves with needles used for vaccine and drug administration.  Accidental needlestick injuries are usually minor, but can be serious with skin infections, allergic reactions, and deep tissue wounds that require surgery.   This week’s featured video was developed by the Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety …

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Weather Preventing Hay Harvest

Jackson County Cattlemen Mack Glass and Jeff Pittman shared their frustration of the weather this year with News Reporter, Bergen Baucom, WJHG Channel 7 Panama City.  In the early growing season limited rainfall reduced grass growth.  In July, almost daily rains have prevented hay harvest.  Because the hay is getting more mature with each passing …

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Preventing Honey Bee Swarms in Managed Beehives

A European Honey Bee swarm taking temporary refuge on a tree limb before finding a new home for their expanding colony. Honey bee swarms are a normal sign of healthy honey bee colonies.  Two types of reproduction occur with honey bees.  First, there is individual (biological) reproduction from eggs laid by the queen.  Second, there …

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