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Algal Leaf Spot Common on Magnolias and Camellias

Algal leaf spot, also known as green scurf, is commonly found on thick-leaved, evergreen trees and shrubs such as magnolias and camellias.  It is in the genus Cephaleuros and happens to be one of the only plant parasitic algae found in the United States.  Although commonly found on magnolias and camellias, algal leaf spot has a …

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Season’s First Incidence of Cotton Corynespora Target Spot Confirmed in Santa Rosa County

Fig1: Target spot on cotton. This season’s first incidence of Corynespora target spot in cotton has been confirmed in Santa Rosa County. By: Dr. Michael J. Mulvaney (Cropping Systems Specialist, University of Florida, IFAS Extension, West Florida Research and Education Center, Jay, FL), Dr. Nicholas S. Dufault (Dept. of Plant Pathology, University of Florida, IFAS …

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Summer Break Spot

Summer Break Spot With school out for the summer, many children may miss out on a meal they normally would receive through USDA’s school meals programs. Florida’s at-risk children now can have meals all summer long. The Summer Break Spot Program, also known as the Summer Food Service Program, is federally funded under the U.S. …

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Update on 2014 peanut leaf spot fungicide trials in Citra, FL.

Figure 1. An aerial image of 2014 peanut leaf spot fungicide trial from the University of Florida Plant Science Research and Education Unit in Citra, FL on 9/25/14. The management of early and late leaf spot in peanuts is an essential task for growers each year. Currently, there are a number of fungicide products available …

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Leaf Spot Threatens Panhandle Peanuts

Fungal Leaf Spot is threatening peanut yields in Panhandle Florida. Currently the disease is developing in the lower canopy. As the leaf spot progresses the lower leaves will begin to fall off, and the disease will quickly progress into the upper canopy. Evidence of the exceptionally wet weather in July and August is beginning to …

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Target Spot on the Increase in Cotton

Target spot is caused by the fungal pathogen Corynespora cassiicola. Leaf spots usually are up to ¼ to ½ inch in diameter and have a distinct “target spot” pattern with alternating light and dark brown bands of dead tissue. Target spot disease was confirmed from a sample taken in Santa Rosa County on June 27 …

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Cotton Leaf Spot Severe in Santa Rosa County

Target spot/Corynespora leaf spot disease has increased in recent weeks.  Many Santa Rosa County fields have been treated at least once with either Twinline or Headline fungicides. The frequent showers appear to be a critical trigger for disease development and spread. During the past week target spot has caused over 50 percent defoliation in some …

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