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Free “Brace for the Storm” Workshops Help Homeowners Prepare for Disasters

Aluminum shutters help protect windows from flying debris during windstorms. Here in the latter half of June, temperatures have heated up and summer thunderstorms have swept through on a regular basis. As we are reminded often,  hurricane season has begun. While we haven’t had a major storm in 11 years, northwest Florida is still a …

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Handling Lawn and Landscape Problems after a Storm

After severe weather of any kind, homeowners must often spend a considerable amount of time dealing with impacts to their landscapes.  Below are a few lessons we have learned from hurricanes and tropical storms in the past. Many thanks to fellow agent Beth Bolles for her contributions to this article. Dealing with Toppled Trees It …

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Cotton Harvest Begins as Tropical Storm Approaches

Harvest has begun in a few early planted fields around Northwest Florida this week. Additionally, some defoliant applications were made as well. Tropical Storm “Karen” is projected to be felt in the Florida Panhandle sometime this Sunday. The imminent rain and winds from “Karen” could be bad news for cotton farmers. Dr. David Wright, University …

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Tropical Storm Karen, Be Aware, Be Prepared!

Where to, Karen? According to the latest National Weather Service update at 2pm EDT, Tropical Storm Karen was located about 240 miles south of the mouth of the Mississippi River moving north northwest at 9 miles per hour. By the time you read this, the location and direction will have changed. More importantly, a tropical …

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Peanut Digging Decisions with Tropical Storm Karen Threatening

Seminole County GA peanuts being dug this week. Source: Rome Ethredge Rome Ethredge, Seminole County GA County Extension Coordinator Seminole Crop News Should peanut fields that have reached optimal maturity be dug or left in the ground, with Tropical Storm Karen threatening this weekend? According to Dr. John Beasley, UGA Extension Peanut Specialist, there are …

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Landscaping Before the Storm

Few things move a local homeowner into action faster than a big storm moving into the Gulf of Mexico.  After filling up at gas stations and running out to home improvement stores, many start trimming limbs and removing trees. The destructive tornadoes in the Midwest this spring may cause anxiety about having mature trees in a yard. It is …

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Winter Storm “Rocky” brings Drought Relief

Winter Storm “Rocky” brought drought relief with 10-14 inches or rain falling across the Panhandle. UF/IFAS FAWN Station summaries for 2013. High Rainfall Reduces Drought in the Panhandle The Weather Channel started naming winter storms this season to raise public awareness and to help track storms as they move across the country. Winter Storms “Q” and especially “Rocky” …

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Fields Flooded By Tropical Storm Debby? Another Soil Test May Be Necessary

Tropical Storm Debby left many north Florida fields flooded. The standing water may be cause to soil test before adding fertilizer and lime even if the plot has been soil tested recently. Tropical Storm Debby delivered some much needed rain to many Florida Counties, albeit in a rather short amount of time. These flooded fields …

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