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Invasive Species of the Day (March 5th): Torpedo Grass & Hydrilla

March 5th: Torpedo Grass (Panicum repens) & Hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata) Torpedo Grass Photo Credit: Graves Lovell, Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, www.bugwood.org Torpedo Grass: Torpedo grass (Panicum repens) is an invasive weed that invades lawns, flowerbeds, landscapes and wetlands. Even if introduced into a small area, this weed can rapidly spread to become …

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Invasive Species of the Day Series (March 2nd): Popcorn Tree & Torpedo Grass

National Invasive Species Awareness Week: March 3rd – March 8th March 2nd: Chinese Tallow (Sapium sebiferum) & Torpedo Grass (Panicum repens) Chinese Tallow Photo Credit Cheryl McCormick, UF, www.bugwood.org Chinese Tallow (Popcorn Tree): Benjamin Franklin has been blamed for introducing the invasive exotic Chinese Tallow tree to the Southeast when he mailed seeds to a planter …

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